BioWare Responds To Mass Effect 3 Criticism

by Jim Reilly on Mar 14, 2012 at 07:20 AM

Some fans aren't exactly happy with the way Mass Effect 3 ended. Numerous online petitions were even started asking the developer to change the endings. But BioWare says it wanted fans to have discussions about their meaning.

"I didn’t want the game to be forgettable, and even right down to the sort of polarizing reaction that the ends have had with people–debating what the endings mean and what’s going to happen next, and what situation are the characters left in," explained executive producer Casey Hudson in an interview with Digital Trends. "That to me is part of what’s exciting about this story.

"There has always been a little bit of mystery there and a little bit of interpretation, and it’s a story that people can talk about after the fact."

Casey was also asked to respond to fans that were unhappy with the day one downloadable content From Ashes.

"We chose to work on a DLC which people really enjoyed for Mass Effect 2 and we also wanted to make sure that people had it as an opportunity to build it into their first play-through if they wanted that as an optional thing," he said. "That’s what they did and now that people have played it they can see that, yes, it was optional versus the way it was initially spun by some people on the Internet."

[Source: Digital Trends]