Zynga Partnering With Konami For Social Games

by Matt Helgeson on Mar 08, 2012 at 02:34 PM

Zynga seemed to indicate that it was going to make overtures to traditional video game business when it wooed its now-COO John Schappert from Electronic Arts. Today, it announced partnerships with some core gaming developers -- including Konami, Rebellion, and Playdemic.

The move was announced during Schappert's speech at the Game Developer's Conference, where he unveil the new and a new Zynga development and data service for software partners.

Zynga's third party development head Rob Dyer said, "From Konami, one of the most esteemed game creators of our time, to the talented teams at Playdemic and Rebellion – we’re honored to welcome these new Zynga Platform partners. All three represent some of the best game development talent in the industry. Zynga Platform is about bringing great games to a captive audience that loves to play, and we’re dedicated to creating the best destination for social games for players and developers alike.”

Interestingly, there was apparently some confusion as to whether this announcement means that Konami is bringing the Metal Gear franchise to social platforms. In his portion of the presentation, Dyer said that Konami was working on a "stealth project." The use of the word "stealth" lead many to speculate that the project involved the Metal Gear franchise. However, since then Dyer clarified his remarks, stating that his use of the word "stealth" meant that the project has been kept under wraps -- not that it was a stealth game or an MGS game.

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Sources: Venturebeat and Joystiq