Skyrim Bags Another Game Of The Year Award

by Matt Bertz on Mar 08, 2012 at 01:17 AM

Though Portal 2 dominated the Game Developers Choice Awards, The Elder Scrolls V swooped down like Alduin to steal the most prestigious honor.

Shutout for most of the evening, Bethesda Games Studio followed up its IAA award with yet another game of the year award. This is the second straight game the studio created that has won the highest honor at the Game Developers Choice Awards (the other being Fallout 3). Portal 2 and Bastion also had great evenings, winning three and two awards respectively.

Here is the full list of winners:

Best Audio: Portal 2
Best Debut: Supergiant Games (Bastion)
Best Narrative: Portal 2
Best Visual Arts: Uncharted 3
Best Downloadable Game: Bastion
Best Game Design: Portal 2
Best Technology: Battlefield 3
Best Handheld/Mobile Game: Sword & Sworcery
Innovation Award: Johann Sebastian Joust
Ambassador Award: Ken Doroshow/Paul M. Smith (the legal council who won the U.S. Supreme Court Case Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants Assn.)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Warren Spector
Pioneer Award: Dave Theurer
Game of the Year: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Right before this event took place, the Independent Game Festival award winners were also announced:

Best Student Game: Way
Technical Excellence: Antichamber
Excellence In Design: Spelunky
Best Mobile Game: Beat Sneak Bandit
Excellence in Visual Art: Dear Esther
Excellence in Audio: Botanicula
Audience Award: Frozen Synapse
Nuovo Award: Storyteller
Seumus McNally Grand Prize: Fez

Congratulations to all the winners.