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More FF XIII-2 DLC Includes Lightning's Story

by Joe Juba on Mar 08, 2012 at 08:24 AM

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The major paid DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 so far has included one coliseum fight and one (unimpressive) lost story chapter. That isn't the end, though; Square Enix is giving players at least one more of each.

The next piece of DLC is a coliseum fight against one of FF XIII's several poorly developed antagonists, Jihl Nabaat (pictured above). Jihl will be available next week on March 13, and the battle costs $3 to download. Presumably, players will be able to obtain Jihl's monster crystal and have her in their party, like Sazh and Lightning from previous DLC.

Even more exciting (especially for fans left cold by the FF XIII-2's ending) is the announcement of a Lightning-focused episode entitled "Lightning's Story: Requiem of the Goddess." No pricing or specifics for this content have been revealed, but Square Enix says that it will release in mid-May.

Considering that it came out over a month ago, most fans are probably finished playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 by now. Are these DLC packs going to be enough to make you fire up Serah and Noel's time-traveling adventures again?