Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Bug Hits

by Matthew Kato on Mar 08, 2012 at 07:14 AM

Mass Effect 3's foray into multiplayer is a first for the series, and it's already run into problems. Some users are reporting that the character classes and stuff they've bought for multiplayer is relocked or unaccessible.

You can buy equipment, mods, and character classes for the game's multiplayer via baseball card-like packs. The problem is, gamers over at the BioWare forums are saying that they are being locked out of character classes they've already bought, and weapons, mods, etc. that they've received from packs are also unusable.

Here is Chris Priestly's, BioWare community coordinator, comments on the matter: "Some players are experiencing an issue where kits they have unlocked in multplayer are becoming locked again, typically after switching kits. You can reduce your chances of this happening by avoiding going into the Store while 'Ready' for a multiplayer match. It's best to un-ready yourself before you go to the store. We are investigating this issue and will update when we have more information. Thank you for your patience."

This isn't the first hiccup for the game. Players have already had trouble importing their custom Commander Shepards.