gdc 2012

Inafune Hints Comcept May Be Developing For Vita

by Tim Turi on Mar 07, 2012 at 03:15 PM

Today during his presentation at GDC 2012, former Capcom legend and CEO of Comcept Keiji Inafune hinted that his company may be working on a new title for the PlayStation Vita.

During his presentation "The Future of the Japanese Gaming," Inafune stated that Japanese developers need to create new brands on new hardware to find increased success. Inafune stated that his company, Comcept, is developing social games and the 3DS title, Kaio: King of Pirates, but that he is also working closely with the PlayStation Vita. In a show of coy backpedaling, Inafune feigned regret upon hinting at Comcept's involvement with the Vita, asking the audience to "please forget" what he said.

Comcept's first title, The Island of Dr. Momo, has hit mobile phones in Japan, and is on its way to a global release for iOS. While I haven't had a chance to get my hands on any of Inafune's new creations, I'm excited by the possibility of his studio working with Sony's new handheld.