Update: Mass Effect 3 Has Trouble Importing Your Shepard

by Matthew Kato on Mar 06, 2012 at 08:00 AM

Update: BioWare's Chris Priestly has made a comment on the company's official forums regarding the problems players are having with importing custom Commander Shepards.

Priestly writes: "We are aware that some players are having issues importing the faces of characters from Mass Effect 1 or Mass Effect 2 into Mass Effect 3. The issue is likely in how faces were detected when imported from Mass Effect 1 into Mass Effect 2, and we’re working on the best way to correct it for affected players."

Sadly, there's no estimate on what the fix will be or how long it will take to implement, though Priestly does point to fan-made tools that can assist PC gamers who are running into the problem.

ORIGINAL STORY: All those midnight launch gamers excited to finally be playing Mass Effect 3 may have run into some disappointment when they turned the game on.

There are reports on the BioWare forums that some players have had trouble imported their custom made Commander Shepards from previous games in the series. This problem ranges from some custom Shepards not being exact to simply not importing at all. Affected players have the option to reconstruct Shepard from scratch, but considering that some of the options have changed, they may have difficulty getting things just right.

We've experienced this problem first-hand in the GI offices: Every editor importing a custom Shepard on 360 had an issue to some degree, whether it was a few features being off or a complete failure to bring over any facial data.  

The problem only concerns the visual appearance of Shepard; all of the choices and consequences from previous titles carries over to ME 3. 

An EA representative told Game Informer that the problem concerns an issue with importing a face from the first Mass Effect, and that they are looking into the situation. We haven't heard reports of problems with the PS3 version, lending credibility to the idea that the issue lies with importing a face from the first game.

Hopefully, EA will release a patch to rectify the problem for the thousands of gamers who have supported the series from the beginning. We'll let you know what we hear.