Gears Of War 3 "Forces Of Nature" Map Pack Coming March 27

by Adam Biessener on Mar 05, 2012 at 08:33 AM

Still wall-bouncing and abusing the sawed-off for all it's worth online? Of course you're not, because Epic patched away those overpowered tactics launch week. Those of us still amused by Gears of War 3's nicely tuned multiplayer action are getting a shot at three new maps and two remastered classic ones in three weeks. As you can see from the screenshots, though, they're all up to Gears 3's visual standards no matter their age.

Cove, Aftermath, and Artillery take the COGs to new places that share the series' trademark war-torn look, while Jacinto and Raven Down are returning locales from Gears of War 2.

The "Forces of Nature" DLC map pack for Gears of War 3 is available March 27 for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). The full game makes its debut on the Xbox 360 Games on Demand service on the same day.