Panzer Dragoon's Spiritual Successor Officially Named Crimson Dragon

by Jeff Cork on Feb 27, 2012 at 04:38 AM

We learned that the Sega Saturn series Panzer Dragoon was getting a completely unofficial new successor a few years back, but now the Xbox Live Arcade game has an official name. Say goodbye to Project Draco, and meet Crimson Dragon. That's with one "O," by the way.

Andriasang has translated details from a recent Microsoft event in Tokyo, which Famitsu attended. According to the story, Microsoft has dubbed the game Crimson Dragon, and revealed how it works. It's an on-rails shooter, in which player use their hands to paint targets with an on-screen targeting reticle. When a meter fills up, players can use more powerful attacks. The game also appears to have some dragon-customization options as well.

Take a look at the game's opening sequence below.


The game was announced under the code name at 2010's TGS. Crimson Dragon is being developed by Grounding Inc., a studio with plenty of experience with the Panzer Dragoon franchise. Yukio Futatsugi, Panzer Dragoon's creator, is heading up development on Crimson Dragon. Look for it on Xbox Live Arcade sometime this year.