Lumines For Vita Was Originally Pitched As Daft Punk: Lumines

by Kyle Hilliard on Feb 25, 2012 at 10:55 AM

James Mielke, former EGM and editor in chief and current producer for Q Entertainment on games like Lumines: Electronic Symphony for the Vita, was recently a guest on the 8-4 Play podcast, where he discussed bringing the puzzle-music franchise to the Vita.

Mielke and those involved in the production of the game wanted to deliver a new Lumines experience, and one of the ideas to do that was to license the game to a recognizable property, or in this case, a band (techno-group?).

"Originally, when I first thought about rebooting Lumines I was like, well maybe it would be interesting to attach it to a big license in particular, because then it would seem very different and at the same time, depending on the license, it would seem very much like Lumines. So, I originally pitched this game as Daft Punk: Lumines," said Mielke.

Apparently, Daft Punk was interested, as was Ubisoft, but the robot DJs were too busy with the Tron: Legacy soundtrack to get involved, which is too bad, because Lumines and Daft Punk sounds like a good fit.

Click here to check out the podcast.