Mass Effect 3 'From Ashes' DLC Info Leaks [Spoilers]

by Jim Reilly on Feb 21, 2012 at 11:13 AM

It seems Microsoft mistakenly published information about first piece of downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 online.

Dubbed "From Ashes," the content costs 800 Microsoft points. The content could not actually be downloaded, and has since been removed from Xbox.com. The add-on weighed in at a hefty 628MB.

The description read:

Unearth lost secrets from the past and recruit the Prothean squad member in Mass Effect 3: From Ashes.

BioWare producer Mike Gamble said this:

We're happy to confirm that Mass Effect 3: From Ashes DLC will be available at launch for all platforms. For those of you who have purchased the N7 Collector's Edition (including the PC Digital Deluxe Edition), you will get this content at no extra charge.

We'll have a lot more details for you later this week! Stay Tuned!

[Source: Xbox.com]