ESRB Teams Up With Penny Arcade For New PSA

by Matthew Kato on Feb 16, 2012 at 09:06 AM

Web artists, PAX organizers, and all-around Internet sensation Penny Arcade are providing art for a new ESRB ratings campaign to debut this spring.

The PSA is a print and web-based effort based on real people urging everyone to use different ESRB tools to get more information about games' content in order to judge their appropriateness. The PSA points out the ESRB's ratings app and website in particular. The people themselves were picked from an ESRB Facebook essay contest where entrants were asked to talk about the value of the ESRB's ratings resources.

Said ESRB president Patricia Vance on the initiative, "Our new PSA campaign is designed to get the message to parents that there are tools they can use to make informed choices about video games for their children and families, even beyond the rating on a game’s package. We felt there was no one better to share insights about the ESRB ratings than real parents and gamers who use the ratings themselves. And the artists at Penny Arcade provided the cool, eye-catching visual elements to bring the campaign to life with an artistic style that is uniquely and unmistakably their own."

Penny Arcade and ESRB have previously worked together on a similar campaign in 2006.