Mass Effect Coming To iOS Again With New Game And App

by Joe Juba on Feb 07, 2012 at 10:35 AM

The last time Mass Effect appeared on iOS, the result was the disappointing Mass Effect: Galaxy. BioWare learned some lessons from that title's poor reception, since the newly announced Mass Effect Infiltrator appears to stick closer to the series' roots.

EA announced Infiltrator at a press event today, revealing that the title is a third-person shooter that is graphically more in line with the console Mass Effect games than the cartoonish vibe of Galaxy. Infiltrator also feeds into your Mass Effect 3 game; the plot involves rescuing prisoners and obtaining evidence against Cerberus, and your hard work pays off by increasing your "Galactic Readiness" in Mass Effect 3. The Galactic Readiness stat has a bearing on the ending you receive in ME 3, and higher is presumably better. 

Infiltrator can also unlock exclusive weapons in Mass Effect 3. No specific price or release date for the iOS game was announced, though it is apparently coming soon.

BioWare and EA also revealed a new app called Datapad, which has an ambiguously defined connection to Mass Effect 3 that will allow users to check on the galactic war and receive messages from in-game characters. Because you just can't ever get enough of Ashley talking to you.

Previously, BioWare has said that it will be possible to get the best ending in Mass Effect 3 by just playing through single-player, so these additions are probably not required for completionists. However, if the choice comes down to buying an app or spending hours doing mineral scanning, I wouldn't mind shelling out.

(Source: ShackNews, Kotaku)