Tiny Tower Creators Take On Zynga In Snarky Open Letter

by Jeff Cork on Jan 25, 2012 at 03:02 AM

Zynga's been called out in the past for essentially reskinning popular indie games, adding a "ville" suffix, and reaping the financial benefits, so charges that they're at it again shouldn't be surprising. This time, however, the little guy is taking its case to the court of public opinion in a hilariously snarky open letter to the casual-gaming giant. NimbleBits, the makers of the award-winning Tiny Tower, have noticed more than a few similarities between its game and Zynga's new Dream Heights game, which you can see here.

In a particularly damning detail, NimbleBits' Ian Marsh tweeted that at one point Zynga tried to purchase the three-person studio. Tiny Tower went on to win Apple's game of the year award for 2011, and Zynga did what it does. Dream Heights is currently only available in the Canadian iOS App Store. Check out the letter below.