Twisted Metal Goes Gold, Extras Announced

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jan 23, 2012 at 05:56 AM

Today Sony announced that the North American version of Twisted Metal has gone gold, and revealed a new cross-game bonus item to boot.

In a post on PlayStation.Blog, Twisted Metal's producer Chad Cox stated that the game is now complete, ensuring the game will be ready for its February 14 release. He also announced a new bonus: Players who buy the game will receive a voucher to unlock a Sweet Tooth skin in Lightbox Interactive's upcoming sci-fi shooter Starhawk.

Additionally, if you pre-order Twisted Metal, you'll receive early access to Axel, as well as a code to download the original Twisted Metal: Black.

I guess you can't really complain about getting free stuff, but between unlocking these extras and inputting an online pass to access multiplayer, it looks like Jaffe's concerns over making Twisted Metal's multiplayer as easy to get into as possible fell on deaf ears over at Sony. 

Thanks to Michael for the news tip!