Minecraft For Xbox 360 To Have Frequent Updates... Hopefully

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 21, 2012 at 06:31 AM

In an interview with Edge Paddy Burns, chief technology officer at 4J Studios, says that Microsoft is aware of the need for more frequent updates for Minecraft.

4J Studios is the developer behind the the translation of Minecraft from PC to Xbox 360 and it is hopeful that Microsoft  will work with it to allow updates to Minecraft approximately every two months.

Rolling out updates for the Xbox 360 is a long process, and one that has received complaints from other developers. Ultimately, the process is arduous to assure quality, but if 4J Studios can get Microsoft to streamline the process, I'm sure many other developers would be happy. On the other side though, if Microsoft gives Minecraft special treatment that it doesn't afford other developers, then that could be a problem.

Pending any unforeseen delays, we should be seeing Minecraft for Xbox 360 in late winter or early spring of this year.

[via Edge]