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New Mass Effect Comic Book Series Coming In April

by Andrew Reiner on Jan 20, 2012 at 06:35 AM

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On April 25, Mass Effect fans, who I suspect will be on their third or fourth playthrough of Mass Effect 3 by that time, have something new to look forward to. On this day, Dark Horse and Mass Effect 3's lead writer Mac Walters are kicking off a new Mass Effect comic book series called Homeworlds. Each of this series' issues focuses on a different character, which I' guessing will mostly be Shepard's squad mates. The first issue highlights James Vega, one of Shepard's newest allies and a character I fully expect to hate through most of Mass Effect 3 solely for his stupid haircut.

No announcements for future issues have been made yet, but if Mac Walters is out there listening, I would love to read more about Mordin, the greatest singer in the universe.