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Who Dropped The Sopa?

Quick Note On SOPA/PIPA

by Andy McNamara on Jan 18, 2012 at 08:55 AM

Many of our readers are asking why Game Informer isn't offline today as part of the protest for the upcoming SOPA and PIPA legislation.

First of all, sometimes keeping Game Informer up and running is more work than turning it off. While we love a good protest, by the time we could have arranged a fitting display of displeasure, the 24 hour window would have passed (sorry, we're on print deadline and we have a total of one programmer).

Game Informer has covered the issue from the moment it became a controversial public issue, ran ECA ads on our pages, and worked with and supported people in the industry to help find solutions.

Piracy is a major issue for entertainment companies, including video games, and while some companies like Valve and others have pointed out that a pirate can in time be turned into a customer, I think the entire industry can agree things would be better if everyone was just a customer.

Paying for entertainment you enjoy is the key to supporting artists and businesses that work so hard to bring us these joys. SOPA/PIPA in their current forms are not the answer, but something must be done to stop piracy or the heavy burden of pirated software will change the video game landscape forever.

Image courtesy of Google who blocked out its logo today in protest.