Tell NinjaBee Where You Want The Keflings To Go Next

by Jeff Cork on Jan 17, 2012 at 04:00 AM

NinjaBee is filled with creative people. Unfortunately, an excess of brainstorming has created a bit of a problem for the World of Keflings developer. That's where you come in. Help NinjaBee determine the fate of the tiny little Keflings by voting for your pick for the game's next batch of DLC.

You have three themes to pick from: Candy for Keflings, A Graveyard for Keflings, and Pirates for Keflings. You have until Friday to make your choice, and results will be announced next Wednesday. Visit the official site to vote, and also become eligible to win swag including shirts, codes, plushies, and even a chance to get transformed into a Kefling. In the game, that is. Don't be ridiculous.