Experience Dead Island's Outbreak Through A New Perspective

by Jeff Cork on Jan 16, 2012 at 03:38 AM

As winter crushes down upon us all, it's as good a time as any to consider a tropical vacation. Banoi is lovely this time of year, with or without the zombie outbreak. If a looming undead threat gives you pause before booking travel, perhaps this bit of DLC news from Deep Silver will make you reconsider your plans.

The Ryder White DLC pack is a single-player, story-driven download that lets players see how things went down through the eyes of antagonist Ryder White.

“I always like to think of antagonist characters not as evil, but simply…misunderstood,” says Deep Silver's Aubrey Norris. “Ryder White was obviously suffering from a massive case of beast mood in Dead Island, and I think it’s only fair we got to learn his side of the story.”

The download includes several hours or gameplay and some new weapon blueprints. Look for it on the PS3 on January 31 for $9.99, and a day later on the Xbox 360 for 800 Microsoft Points.