Bungie Opposes SOPA

by Jim Reilly on Jan 13, 2012 at 11:32 AM

Joining the list of developers that oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act, Bungie threw its name in the hat this afternoon.

"Bungie is opposed to any legislation that curtails free speech, stifles innovation, and prevents the open sharing of information on the Internet," the company wrote on its website. "SOPA fits that bill. If it passes, it will hurt our community, the gaming community at large, and it could very well cripple the kind of games we love to create and play.

"Just like online piracy, that would be downright criminal."

Bungie joins other game companies that oppose the bill, including Epic Games, Runic Games, Mojang, and Riot Games.

"In a clumsy effort to curtail online piracy, this messy piece of legislation will, if passed, negatively impact both the games we make and the people who play them," Bungie added.

[Source: Bungie]