ces 2012

Seen At CES 2012: Day One

by Ben Reeves on Jan 10, 2012 at 05:55 PM

At the beginning of every year, tech journalists, buyers, industrialists, and a bunch of middle-aged men who don't look hip enough to know much about technology gather in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the world's largest trade shows, centering around technology and consumer products. Game Informer muscled its way through the crowds to gather some of the sights and sounds of the show. Get ready, this is a weird one.

It's hard to see from here but that guys is controlling the ball with a remote control. Remote-controlled cars, eat your carburetors out.

One highly new innovation for this year's CES: labelmakers

Why wouldn't you have a rodeo in the middle of Pepcom's pre-industry event?

A good view of the show floor; 1/100th of it anyway.

People playing Angry Birds on a TV.

Everyone loves Hello Kitty. Why would you say goodbye to a kitty? They're so cute.

Yeah, pretty much self explanatory.

A beanbag for your iPad. It has needs too.

This window is actually a touch display that's connected to the internet. Welcome to Iron Man's home.

Is that the man in the mirror? I keep asking him to change his ways.

People at the Motorola booth try to keep the power on.

This is what a camera looks like after it's been tortured for information.

Shave and a haircut, two bits.

Get ready for some car porn.