Epic Games Won't Support SOPA

by Jim Reilly on Jan 05, 2012 at 07:27 AM

Gears of War developer Epic Games says it does not support the current version of the Stop Online Piracy Act.

"Epic Games supports efforts that would stop overseas websites profiting from pirating our games, but we have to do that in a way that's compatible with freedom of speech and due process of law," the company said in a statement. "Thus, we do not support the current version of SOPA."

However, Epic Games, like many game publishers and development studios around the world, is part of the Entertainment Software Association, which came out last week in support of the bill. SOPA would allow content creators to effectively shut down websites that host copyright material.

Other game companies, such as Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, have reportedly removed their names from the list of SOPA supporters, but none of them have come forward with statements.