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The ESA Is Still Strongly In Support Of SOPA

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 03, 2012 at 09:44 AM

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Possibly in response to the recent plethora of news stories covering SOPA and Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony's engagement with the act, the Entertainment Software Association has issued a statement.

The ESA issued the following statement to in regard to its stance on SOPA:

"As an industry of innovators and creators, we understand the importance of both technological innovation and content protection, and do not believe the two are mutually exclusive. Rogue websites – those singularly devoted to profiting from their blatant illegal piracy – restrict demand for legitimate video game products and services, thereby costing jobs. Our industry needs effective remedies to address this specific problem, and we support the House and Senate proposals to achieve this objective. We are mindful of concerns raised about a negative impact on innovation. We look forward to working with the House and Senate, and all interested parties, to find the right balance and define useful remedies to combat willful wrongdoers that do not impede lawful product and business model innovation."

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