Fallout: New Vegas' Lead Designer Releases Mod For His Own Game

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 29, 2011 at 01:33 PM

Joshua Eric Sawyer, Fallout: New Vegas' lead designer, has released a mod for players looking for a more challenging game. Titled the JSawyer, this mod is not an official release from Obsidian, but as Joshua points out "it does provide insight into the aims of the lead developer and contains planned tweaks that never made it into release."

This mod requires all of the official DLC to be installed as well as a load order manager, which you can look into on the mod's page. You'll also find an expansive list detailing all of the tweaks and changes made to the game on this page.

While it would appear Bethesda might be done updating the game, it's great to see a passionate designer finishing what he started.

[via Destructoid]