Star Wars: The Old Republic Server Queues Sticking Around

by Jim Reilly on Dec 21, 2011 at 06:09 AM

It looks like Star Wars: The Old Republic players will have to deal with server queues for the foreseeable future. BioWare says it’s not raising the server population caps too quickly, as the developer wants to maintain its long-term goals of server stability and healthy populations.

A server queue is when a player must wait in line in order to play the game on a particular server.

“We want incoming players to populate lower population servers. At the same time, higher population servers will not be 'locked' because we want to allow people to join a server to play with their friends if they wish to," the team said on its official forums.

BioWare notes that players should avoid creating new characters on the servers listed below unless they are prepared to queue to play. "These servers are closing in on their absolute population cap (the maximum amount of players who can be on the server at any given time) and will likely have a queue to enter even at off-peak play times."

US servers

  • The Harbinger – US West Coast - PvE
  • The Swiftsure – US West Coast - PvP
  • The Fatman – US East Coast - PvP

EU servers

  • Bloodworthy – EU English - PvP
  • Frostclaw – EU English - PvE
  • Legions of Lettow – EU English - PvP
  • The Red Eclipse – EU English - PvE
  • Tomb of Freedom Nadd – EU English - PvP
  • Darth Revan's Mask – EU German - PvP
  • Darth Traya – EU German - PvP
  • Jar'Kai Sword - EU German - PvP
  • Hrakert Rift – EU French - PvP

If you're already playing on these servers and having consistant queues, BioWare says players can either continue to wait or join another server. "Population caps are being gradually raised on these servers, but raising them too fast will create an influx of new players and perpetuate the problem. We do not expect the queues to alleviate on these servers for the foreseeable future.

"If you do not want to queue, you should consider playing on another server, many of which have very low or no queues."  Additionally, BioWare says the ability to transfer your character is being worked on, but there is no timeframe for when it will be available.

[via Bioware Forums]