Skylanders Figures Going For Big Bucks

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 20, 2011 at 08:32 AM

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure is an innovative action game that blends the worlds of video games and collectible toys with technology that allows you to use action figures as playable characters in-game. Through the use of a portal base, your real life Skylanders toys show up in your game, complete with thier own stats, items, and currency. Publisher Activision may have underestimated how popular this game was going to be. Figurines from the initial launch are fetching top dollar in the second-hand market.

Whirlwind, a figure that originally sold for $7.99 exclusively at Target, is now demanding over $40 online. Stealth Elf, a standard figure in the first assortment, is selling for $25 to $30. With each passing week, the prices go up. Activision also released rare silver variants of several of the characters. No one seems to know how many of this iteration Activision released, but collectors are paying between $50 and $200 to add these figures to their collections.

The value of all of these figures hinges on what happens next. Will Activision re-release the first two lines of figures, or will they give collectors new figures in DLC or potentially a sequel? Re-releasing figures would kill the value, but would allow players to get their hands on the figures they want. Moving forward with new figures will keep the prices high (if the game stays popular), but will maintain the collectible aspect of the game that seems to be working well.