Win Free Games In Steam's Holiday Sale Contest

by Matt Helgeson on Dec 19, 2011 at 10:33 AM

Are you naughty or nice? In Steam's Great Gift Pile giveaway, it doesn't matter, as both gifts and lumps of coal can earn you free stuff.

As part of its annual holiday sale, Steam is running an interactive contest. Every day between now and January 1, the Great Gift Pile will post six objectives to be completed by Steam users. For completing each objective you will be awarded either a gift or lump of coal. Gifts can be instantly exchanged for either full games or coupons. If you get coal instead, fear not -- seven pieces of coal can be crafted into a gift. [Note: as this writing the Great Gift Pile page on the Steam site isn't loading, but I expect this will be fixed soon].

In addition to the Great Gift Pile, there are also the customary sales going on at Steam. For example, today you can nab Fable III, Metro 2033, and Singularity for 75 percent off retail. Be sure to check back frequently, as the deals will change daily.