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Breaking: Miyamoto Sat On Life-Sized Mario Kart Kart

by Jeff Cork on Dec 11, 2011 at 04:16 AM

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[Update 6] What are those box-shaped things between the wheels? Is that a storage unit for bananas?

[Update 5] Why doesn't this kart have wings? Wasn't that a big part of Mario Kart 7? Perhaps the mall staffers didn't want to have to deal with people flying around inside the mall and hitting the glass rooftop. That could be annoying.

[Update 4] 11,078 people like the Westfield Topanga & Promenade. Coincidence?

[Update 3] Apparently Nintendo isn't "responding to e-mails" at 6:30 a.m. on a Sunday. Interesting. As a huge fan of the reality show CSI: Las Vegas, I knew that there had to be a few secrets buried inside this image. I opened it up in PhotoShop, pressed the "enhance" button a few times, and was stunned to see a pair of shadowy figures (shown below). You're getting sloppy, Nintendo. These are clearly Sega employees who were captured on film leaving high-level talks with Nintendo. You heard it hear first.

[Update 2] A clue! Miyamoto is wearing a Zelda-themed shirt at the time this photo was taken. Could this be a hint that there is a new Legend of Zelda game in development for the Wii U that is set in a mall and features a new Kart item? I sent Nintendo an email but it bounced back to me because I didn't type the address in correctly. I'll take that as confirmation for now.

[Update 1] While examining the caption from the Nintendo-provided image, I discovered that they called the site of the kart the Westfield Topanga Mall instead of its official name, the Westfield Topanga & Promenade. What else is Nintendo hiding from us?

[Original Story] Gaming legend Shigeru Miyamoto was photographed while sitting on a life-sized replica of Mario's kart from the SNES game Super Mario Kart. We'll have more details on this breaking story as they emerge. Stay tuned!