Rumor: Crytek's Ryse Is Being Developed For Next Gen

by Jeff Cork on Dec 10, 2011 at 03:40 AM

Crytek showed off its upcoming game Ryse back at E3, which is a Kinect game set in the Roman Empire. There could be more to the game than just motion controls, if a recent LinkedIn update has any merit.

According to Ashley Morgan's LinkedIn resume (a portion of which is shown in the image below), Ryse is in development for "X-Box Next Gen." Whether that's a semantic slip up, marketing-speak for vanilla Kinect, or something else is pretty much anybody's guess at this point. As IGN indicated in their initial report, it's pretty flimsy evidence for anything. Still, it's interesting to think about. Current-gen hardware is getting long in the tooth, and it would be completely insane if development for the Xbox 360's successor wasn't happening on some level.


[Thanks for the tip, thehunter59]