Rumor: Downloading PSN Games On Vita 40% Cheaper Than Retail

by Tim Turi on Dec 04, 2011 at 04:10 AM

Sony has hinted in the past that downloading games on the Vita will be a cheaper option than buying them off the shelves. The scuttlebutt from a recent Sony event is that the savings could be a dramatic 40 percent for ditching the box.

According to Thrifty Nerd, Vita games will be capped off at $39.99 at retail. Downloading a game at the same price would only cost around $23, however, saving you a pretty penny by going digital. Many gamers gasped at the Vita's spendy memory cards (4GB: $30, 8GB: $45, 16GB: $70, 32GB: $120), but these savings, if true, could soften that blow.

While this prospect is exciting for prospective Vita owners, keep your expectations low until we have official confirmation from Sony.