Could New PS3 Exclusive The Last Of Us Be About Brain Fungus?

by Tim Turi on Dec 04, 2011 at 11:09 AM

Yesterday we showed you the a teaser for a new PlayStation 3 exclusive entitled The Last of Us. While we will have to wait until next week's VGAs to learn more concrete info about the game, one intelligent gamer made a connection between a video of an ant on the game's official website and an interesting segment in BBC nature show, Planet Earth. The ant clip on the Last of Us website features an ant succumbing to a deadly brain fungus. Could this be what the riots and strife afflicting those in the Last of Us teaser are so afraid of?

Here's the full clip of the killer cordyceps fungi which attacks various jungle insects:

Given that we see droves of sickly looking people behind fences and quarantine signs, I'm going to say this seems like a pretty reasonable guess. After watching the video and enjoying the soothing tone of David Attenborough's very British voice, I've decided I'd rather die any other way than have a fungus slowly take over my entire body and spread to my loved ones. If that's what The Last of Us is all about, color me simultaneously horrified and intrigued.

Source: IGN