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Some Of EA's Online Passes Can Expire, But Shouldn't

by Tim Turi on Dec 03, 2011 at 09:48 AM

Some perturbed NeoGAF users have taken to the forums to air their grievances regarding some expired online passes. One gamer realized that his online pass for Need for Speed: The Run had expired, which cut them off from playing on Xbox Live.

While EA says that some games do indeed have Online Passes with expiration dates, getting a new code or redownloading a defunct one is free. It's good that no extra financial burden is put on folks who bought the game new, but entering in a code is pesky enough without having to track down EA for help.

So don't panic if you crack open a new copy of a game that's been on the shelves for awhile -- your right to play online is still valid, but you have to attain a new code directly from EA.

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Source: Joystiq