Half-Life 3 Exists...In Shirt Form

by Jeff Cork on Dec 02, 2011 at 02:54 AM

Half-Life 3 remains one of gaming's biggest teases, and it seems that Valve is more than happy to rub it in our faces. A Seattle-based game developer spied a Half-Life 3 shirt at a local event and snapped a pic. It's almost certainly a troll in shirt form, but hey, Half-Life 3.

The picture was taken and posted by Uber Entertainment's Chandana Ekanayake. He says that area developers meet every month to have beers and shoot the breeze, and that's where he saw the Valve employee and his shirt. The rest is history.

In other shirt news, I hope our own Phil Kollar will wear his "Who Farted?" T-shirt to work today. It's a pretty big hit in the office, and we all laugh and laugh and laugh. Fun stuff.


[Via N'Gai Croal]