Kojima Talks Project Ogre, Metal Gear Rising, And Snake's Death

by Kyle Hilliard on Nov 26, 2011 at 11:38 AM

The upcoming issue of PlayStation Magazine features Hideo Kojima on the cover and includes an interview with the Metal Gear mastermind as he discusses the iconic series and future projects. The magazine has been releasing little snippets from the interview over the last few days, and Kojima covers a number of projects.

Kojima has been hinting at something called Project Ogre and said, "I can’t really say too much about that project yet, but it’s a very subdued experience. It’s a little bit different to what I’ve done up until now. On the surface it will look similar, but once you get into it, it will be a different experience – and I’m hoping people look forward to that." He goes on to explain that we won't see Project Ogre for quite awhile, as he is busy with projects like Metal Gear Rising, and hopes to produce other games before offering more about Project Ogre.

And on the topic of Metal Gear Rising Kojima said, "If somebody thinks ‘I love Snake’ and just really wants traditional stealth gameplay and that experience, then it may be hard to get into Rising, but for people who are more open and willing to try new things, it shouldn’t be a problem. Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 4 was received very well, and I wanted to keep going with that direction in Rising. The people who liked him in 4 will like him in this, but it’s a personal preference." I don't think anyone had an expectation of Rising being a stealth game, but with Metal Gear in the title of the game, fans will certainly have pre-conceptions.

We thought that the interview also confirmed Metal Gear Solid 5, but that was later retracted. He does talk about the Metal Gear series though, saying that he wanted to kill Snake at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4. Kojima said, “In Guns Of The Patriots, he was supposed to die. Everyone on the staff really wanted to keep him alive, so I caved a little. I’m a creator at heart, but at the same time I also have to manage the business aspect of it, figure out how to sell the game. I’m still trying to find that balance – it’s very delicate. How do you put in enough to make sure it sells, while remaining true to your vision?”

The full interview will be on the shelves on November 29, and we should see some more about Metal Gear Rising at the upcoming Spike Video Game Awards.

[via PlayStation Magazine]