Borderlands Novel Will Be Available Tuesday

by Joe Juba on Nov 20, 2011 at 04:49 AM

Hold on. Back up. Borderlands has a story? Apparently so, and it's being recorded in book form in the upcoming novel, Borderlands: The Fallen.

The book goes on sale Tuesday, November 22, and is written by John Shirley (who also wrote BioShock: Rapture). Here's how it starts:

"Riding the bus from the spaceport to Fyrestone, looking out the dusty, louvered window at the craggy gray-blue landscape, the aluminum-blue sky, McNee can't believe he'd talked himself into coming back to this vicious planet. It was all Roland's fault..."

Of course, Roland is the soldier from Borderlands, and seems to be the star of this story. I understand creating novels for series like Mass Effect and The Elder Scrolls, but Borderlands just doesn't have that rich narrative background that makes me care more about the characters or the world. If I were writing a Borderlands novel, it would pretty much just be: "Shoot skags. Get better guns." The end.

In the comments below, write your own two-sentence Borderlands novel. You can get inspiration from this 37-page (!) excerpt from Borderlands: The Fallen.

(via Kotaku)