Trenched Being Renamed To Iron Brigade Worldwide

by Jim Reilly on Nov 17, 2011 at 04:50 AM

Double Fine confirmed today Trenched will be renamed to Iron Brigade worldwide later this month.

The newly renamed game will be available in Europe on November 30. For anyone who already owns Trenched, you can expected to download an update that same day that will rename the game automatically. The developer had to rename the game for its release in Europe due to international copyright law. A Portuguese board game maker owns the rights to a product called "Trench," which was causing some issues.

“European players had to wait so long for this game, we wanted to make it up to them with awesome new features,” said Brad Muir, Project Lead at Double Fine Productions. “We added a brand new, incredibly challenging infinite Survival Mode with ten new pieces of high-powered loot, along with a new leaderboard to track players on this Survival Mission.”

Double Fine says the new Survival Mode, loot, and leaderboards will be available to all players on the same day, and there will be no national barriers in multiplayer.