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Xbox Live Error In Your Favor: Collect 4 Billion Microsoft Points

by Jeff Cork on Nov 16, 2011 at 02:39 AM

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Microsoft routinely gives members of its Xbox Live Rewards program bonus Microsoft points, but not typically in this scale. One user received an amazing windfall via a technical glitch, which at least temporarily padded his wallet by about $53 million.

According to Loud Mouthed Gamers, the user was one of several rewards members who was mistakenly given too many bonus points. In his case, he immediately spent them, and his balance went into the negative when Microsoft attempted to retrieve the initial mistaken bonus. At that point, things went nuts, and he had an absolutely insane amount of virtual cash in his account. At least temporarily. Microsoft noticed the glitch and corrected it.

Just think of how decked-out your stupid avatar could be with all that scratch!


Thanks for the news tip, Dillon!