Total Recall MMO Coming To The Internet In 2012

by Kyle Hilliard on Nov 08, 2011 at 12:28 PM

Chinese gaming company ZQGame announced plans today for an MMO game based on the upcoming film Total Recall. The film, set for release next year, is a remake of the 1990 movie and stars Colin Farrell as the guy Arnold Schwarzenegger played in original.

The game will be fully 3D and entirely browser based, with no need to download any software. ZQGame promises that the game will feature console quality graphics, and will also be free to play. According to the developer, the game will support itself with "micro-transactions containing a hybrid of features from traditional MMOs and social games, such as PVP and PVE environments and a collaborative "memory quest" system."

The game will officially release on August 3 of next year, the same day as the film.