Report: More Dead Space 3 Plot Details Surface

by Tim Turi on Oct 04, 2011 at 06:04 AM

Last week we told you the rumor that Dead Space 3 could be set on a frozen planet. Today we have more details have emerged regarding Isaac’s Clarke’s new mission, wanted status, and fractured mind.

Dead Space 2 spoilers and potential Dead Space 3 spoilers follow:

Allegedly Isaac is assigned a mission to save a woman on the inhospitable ice planet, Tau Volantis. Isaac has an arrest warrant out for him from EarthGov, sothe frigid environment must seem a little more appealing. One-eyed Ellie is also along for the trip, the woman who rescues Isaac during Dead Space 2's climax.

The paranormal Marker has tainted Issac’s mind since the first game. In Dead Space 2, he hallucinated haunting apparitions of his deceased girlfriend, Nicole. In Dead Space 3, Isaac apparently suffers from a split personality. “Shadow Isaac” is reported to consistently taunt, berate, and question the protagonist. We’re imagining a Smeagol situation with much more blood, gore, and zombie aliens.

As before, we can’t be certain that any of this is true, but the proposed scenario is definitely interesting. I would welcome an organic environment as opposed to another space station or ship.

(Source: Siliconera)