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reader discussion

Reader Discussion: How Often Do You Rent Games?

by Ben Reeves on Sep 26, 2011 at 03:19 PM

Renting games is certainly less of a financial commitment than buying every title that sparks your interest, but when do you know when to pull the trigger and buy a game?

Gamasutra recently talked with Redbox’s video game VP Joel Resnik about the success of its video game rental service. It turns out that a lot of Wii owners are renting games from Redbox. "[The Wii] has the highest install base,” says Resnik “and our consumer is a casual gamer, and they've responded very well.”

Resnik said one other interesting tidbit in this interview. “The best-performing products for us maybe are in the middle grade from a sales perspective.” It sounds like most people are buying the high-ticket games like Gears of War and Batman, and then renting all the titles that they’re not so sure about.

That makes since, but how do you make the decision to buy or rent? What’s the tipping point for you? How often do you rent games, and when do you decide to just buy it day one?