Modern Warfare 3 Achievements Leaked

by Adam Biessener on Sep 26, 2011 at 09:03 AM

Wondering how to sum up the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 campaign one terse sentence at a time? Look no further than the leaked achievement list for Activision's upcoming shooter. Beware the extremely minor spoilers that come after the break.

In presumed chronological order, here are the tasks you'll be completing in Modern Warfare 3. Again, these are spoilers

  • Destroy the Jamming Tower
  • Take back New York Harbor. 
  • Escape the mountain safe house.
  • Defend the Russian President.
  • Infiltrate the village.
  • Make it to Westminster.
  • Save the US Vice President.
  • Assault the shipping company.
  • Track down Volk.
  • Escape Paris with Volk.
  • Reach the church.
  • Escape the city.
  • Discover Makarov's next move.
  • Find the girl.
  • Rescue the Russian President.

Rescuing the Russian president? What are the odds that the story has a coherent explanation for that one?

A ton of achievements for the special ops and survival modes round out the usual campaign fare. As expected, competitive multiplayer has no achievements associated with it -- which is fine, since rewarding specific feats in multiplayer always ends up with people playing for the achievement and not the actual game at hand. There's nothing like losing a tight match because some idiot on your team is doing nothing but trying to get three headshots in a row in last stand mode or whatever.

Only the Xbox achievements have been leaked so far, but it'll be a surprise if the PS3 and PC achievements differ in any significant way.

Modern Warfare 3 hits all three HD platforms on November 8.