Castlevania Turns 25, Producer Says Future Is Certain

by Tim Turi on Sep 26, 2011 at 09:51 AM

Today marks 25 years of vampire slaying for the beloved Castlevania series. The monstrous franchise has evolved from pure side-scrolling action, to Metroid-infused exploration, and finally to a polished 3D action experience. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer David Cox reassured fans celebrating the occasion that the series is in good health and isn’t going anywhere.

Cox started off by stating via his Twitter that “Today is the 25th anniversary of Castlevania. Some would say the series is in decline but the fact is it’s never been in better shape.”

He also affirms that “The future is assured. Castlevania will never die. The series is evolving and bringing in new fans, reaching larger audiences.”

These words are heartening for anyone who’s worried that we haven’t seen another portable Symphony of the Night-alike for awhile or word of a Lords of Shadow follow up. As a longtime fan of the series and someone who’s been following the video game industry for years, I’m confident that the Castlevania name isn’t going anywhere fast. Much like the infamous Dracula, new experiences will undoubtedly continue to rise to greet eager fans.

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