Nearly A Third of Gamers Think 3D Makes Gameplay Worse

by Matt Helgeson on Sep 23, 2011 at 08:43 AM

According to a recently release survey, companies like Sony and Nintendo that are pushing 3D gaming have an uphill road to climb.

The survey, which spoke with over 1,600 adult gamers, was conducted by research firm Interpret LLC. The company's vice president of strategy and analysis Dan Casey revealed the firm's findings at the 3D Gaming Summit.

Particularly disturbing for Nintendo should be the portion of his presentation devoted to the 3DS. In the survey, 28 percent of those who had played the system felt that the 3D effects made the overall gameplay experience worse, while only 22 percent felt that it improved gameplay.

Moreover, 56 percent of all those survey felt the ideal 3D experience was with a console and a 3D television. Only seven percent said their ideal 3D experience would be with a handheld.

In addition, 37 percent of respondents reported feelings of dizziness and nausea associated with 3D entertainment in general, up from 30 percent in last year's survey.

Source: Gamespot