Designer Claims FortressCraft Is Nothing Like Minecraft

by Ben Reeves on Sep 20, 2011 at 01:15 PM

FortressCraft is one of the most successful XBLA indie titles on the market, and it has drawn a large number of comparisons to the PC hit Minecraft. FortressCraft developer, Adam Sawkins, claims that the two games are not alike.

“The Notch Defense Force said things like 'you even stole the name,' but the actual gameplay is nothing like Minecraft," Sawkins told IGN in a recent interview, which seems a little strange to us given how both titles are open world games where you build things. The two games even share a similar aesthetic.

Sawkins had a few interesting things to say about Notch’s popular PC title making it's way to the Xbox, “Minecraft has been squeezed out of its own market. It might do well on the name alone, but if you want sexy graphics and shaders and the creative aspect, you have FortressCraft. If you want to fight monsters and share stuff with your friends, you have Total Miner. Nobody will pay for Minecraft when they can pay $3.00 for Total Miner or FortressCraft."

Sawkins isn’t too humble about how well his game is selling either, “We've rewritten the rules of how Indie games sell. Indie games are usually about being the new game on the market, being the new sequel, but we've broken that system."

ProjectorGames is looking to possibly port FortressCraft over to both the PC and the PS3, so it will be interesting to see how the game fares when it’s in more direct competition to Minecraft.