[Update]: Reported Closure Of EA's Visceral Studio In Melbourne

by Matthew Kato on Sep 19, 2011 at 03:27 AM

[Update]: Monday has come and gone in Melbourne, Australia, and EA has reportedly closed its branch of Visceral Studios in the country.

According to, the IGDA Melbourne has sent out a tweet seemingly confirming the demise of Visceral's Melbourne studio.

"Confirmation of EA closing Visceral has been received :( our best wishes to the 21 devs now out of a job #EAVisceral," reads the tweet.


[Original Story]: One of EA's Visceral Studios may be closing its doors after the cancellation of its project.

An anonymous source has told Kotaku that the studio in Melbourne, Australia will shut down on Monday. The developer had been working on a triple-A title for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but that project was cancelled – prompting the closure of the studio.

Furthermore, Gamasutra reports that the upcoming closure has been corroborated by other sources, although the Monday deadline may refer to the studio cutting jobs.

Visceral's Melbourne studio helped with titles such as Dead Space, Godfather 2, and Dante's Inferno.

We'll update with more info as it becomes available.