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Eidos Montreal Outsourced Deus Ex's Boss Battles

by Andrew Reiner on Sep 18, 2011 at 06:53 AM

Some developers create entire games with an in-house staff. Other studios outsource parts of the game or specific development tasks to additional development teams. While most of Deus Ex: Human Revolution was created internally by Eidos Montreal, the boss battles, the section of the game that has received the most criticism, were outsourced to G.R.I.P. Entertainment. Obviously, Eidos Montreal had a large stake in these battles, and ultimately made the decision to run with them.

A video that illustrates G.R.I.P.'s approach to these fights has hit YouTube. Dr. Paul A. Kruszewski, president and founder of G.R.I.P., walks through balancing issues, working with Eidos, and how the technology his team built goes all the way back to the 1950s. On a personal note, I didn't enjoy any of the game's boss encounters. The difficulty spiked in these sections and I found myself exploiting cheap tactics to down these foes rather than playing the game the way I wanted to. What did you think of them?

[via @goodgaming]