Codemasters Closes Bodycount Studio

by Matthew Kato on Sep 14, 2011 at 04:06 AM

Famed racing developer Codemasters is shutting down its Guildford studio (Bodycount) and plans to concentrate on what it does best.

"As Codemasters looks to take greater leadership in the racing category," said a Codemasters' spokesperson about the situation. "The company is proposing a studio structure that adds resource and strengthens our best-in-class racing teams."

Employees of the Guildford branch could possibly move over to Codemasters' other studios in Birmingham and Warwickshire as the company continues work on its Grid, Dirt, and F1 franchises. The company also has new racing IPs in the works.

Although Bodycount wasn't a great game (click here for our review), it's unfortunate that not only will some people lose their job in the shuffle, but that a talented company like Codemasters can't branch out into other genres. Maybe next time.


[via Gamasutra]