WiiWare's MotoHeroz Pulls The Ol' "Trailer And Release Date" Stunt

by Joe Juba on Sep 07, 2011 at 09:41 AM

Developer RedLynx is best known for the downloadable hit Trials HD, but when September 15 rolls around, Wii owners will get the studio's exclusive MotoHeroz.

Check out the trailer below to see this stunt/racing game in motion. The video highlights the single-player and multiplayer modes, and shows lots of the vehicles and tricks in action. If you liked Trials HD but want a less punishing experience, it looks like this is the game for you.

MotoHeroz (I can only assume that the second part of the title is pronounced "heroes" and not "he-roz") hits WiiWare next week, and it costs 1500 Wii points. That's $15 in real money.