Yakuza 5 To Have Modernized Gameplay?

by Adam Biessener on Sep 01, 2011 at 09:12 AM

Yakuza franchise creator Toshihiro Nagoshi said that he feels that the next game in the series has to innovate in its action mechanics.

Speaking at a Japanese press conference covered by Famitsu and translated by Andriasang, Nagoshi said that he has no plans to remove or drastically alter the "drama" parts of the game. Technology and gameplay, however, are a different story. Nagoshi believes that changes are necessary to make Yakuza 5 appealing to both fans and newcomers, despite this redesign process adding a significant amount of development time to the game.

Have you been on the fence about Yakuza? Will modern action gameplay be enough to get you to check out the fifth game?